Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trying a video

Ok, so here's our first attempt at trying out some new technology.  Well, new for us anyway.  If it works, we may be able to post little videos regularly.  Hopefully, all the videos won't just be the ABC song.... but can't make any promises   :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Picture Update!

We have been on a hiatus from updates for way way way too long. Here's a quick picture update of what we have been up to recently. I hope to have some more pictures up soon, but here's a few for right now.
We became friends with a large large-mouth bass...
We've had close encounters with sharks!
Fake family fishing trips....

 Enjoyed nice weather at an Easter shin-dig....
Gathered eggs....  This picture doesn't show it, but the participants were indeed happy about the egg hunt.
Got dressed up and ready for Easter...
More egg hunting!
Ended the Easter festivities at home with two cute bunnies! 
As you can see, the kiddos have grown since the last update.  More pictures soon....
Take care!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Go Braves!

The day after Great Grandma arrived, we went to the Braves game. Before however, Gr-Gma helped Sarah practice her walking skills. 

At the game, we had pretty decent seats; most importantly, we were completely in the shade. It was HOT.

Here you can see our seats. Like I said, SHADE!

Sarah chills out with the misting fan.

Emily had a great time, constantly eating peanuts and cracker jack (hey, that could be a song or something)

Eric and Emily relaxin'.

Grandma recovering from the game entrance. The exit was much more easy courtesy of a wheelchair and golf cart ride to the car.
Emily really had a good time.

The ushers (as all the staff at the game) were really nice. They took pictures for us, gave Emily a paper flower, and in general were tremendously friendly. Kudos to the Braves!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birthday purchase

Emily received some birthday money recently and finally got the chance to make a purchase today.  A set of clearanced Thomas the Train pajamas caught her eye and she could be not swayed from making the purchase.  Sarah was in need of pj's as well, so we picked her up a set.  Since Sarah couldn't care less about the design on her pajamas, we let Emily pick for her.  Can you guess what kind of pajamas Sarah got?
Showing off her new purchase
Surprise!  Matching cuties
Emily is pleased about the new pj's and the matching...  Sarah, maybe not so much.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Adams Update - April through May.

Adams Family photos mega update.
Here is a 35+ photo update of what we have been up to since April. 
We both got i-phones in April and have been using them somewhat to snap photos. Here are some of the first with the phones. Emily loves to ride in the wagon in our cul-de-sac while Eric fiddles with tomato plants he has planted next to the mail box.
Emily even sometimes pulls Sarah.
Emily also loves to use sidewalk chalk and draw in the street. Yes, we are aware she morbidly favors outline drawings, ala' murder scenes. 
Here Emily dons a motorcycle helmet Eric used at his Latin Convention for the chariot races. She later rode in the chariot herself.

Also in April, we took advatage of a nice day to eat downtown and walk a bit in North Campus of UGA. Here we are at Herty field where the Bulldogs played at the turn of the century. Now there is a nice fountain there.

Each first Friday of the month during late spring and suimer, our town has a "First Friday" celebration, which features all sorts of stuff. Since it was the first of the season in May, it was more elaborate than usual. There was a bluegrass band, a magician show (which Emily loved), face painting (see below), and a small train ride (actually a riding lawnmower pulling a motley set of cars). 
Here below we see the evolution of Emily's face painting into a TIGER. Why the odd colors for a tiger? 
It was Emily's call.
Step 1: Full of confidence and excitement.
Step 2: A bit of doubt creeps in. Perhaps even fright and disdain.
Step 3: Ah, back more at ease as the face takes form.
Step 4: A bit ticklish perhaps?
The final result as Emily prepares to ride in the aforementioned glorious and breakneck train ride.
Here Eric and Sarah sit on the ground, waiting for the Magic Show to begin.
After the show (you can see the magician in the background - red shirt - next to the band on the left).

On the next day (Sat.), Dale and Diane came up to go to the Zoo in Atlanta. We got free tickets through a program in our library system.
Sarah was ready for all the animals.
On a train ride around the Zoo.
Same train. It too was breakneck fast - just look at woosy Sarah.
Now back at home with grandpa Dale.

Here was the cake my former student and current colleague made (she bakes and decorates confections as a side to her teaching Latin). Emily chose The Little Mermaid as a theme for her birthday.
Emily's party was at a bounce house (lots of inflatable jump stuff). Here, Sarah gets a ride on a slide.
Emily and Sarah mix it up with friends in an inflatable.
Emily glides by Eric, Dale, and Diane in a Cozy Coupe car.

There was a little room in the place for the cake and gifts ceremony.
Emily quite excited for the cake and THREE candles.

Dad presents Emily with a BICYCLE. Oh how excited.
Later in the week, on Emily's actual birthday she helps mom make cupcakes to bring to her sitter's to share with her friends there.
Now at the sitter's on the birthday, Emily and Sarah get ready to eat the cupcakes. The sitter had made for Emily a tutu and wings.
The birthday girl in all her glory.
We also had a chance to go swimming in the Vaughn's pool. Sarah seems to like the water.
 Lounging around. Something is missing - oh right - the relaxing part.
 Emily got a fishing pole for her birthday. She tries it out at a local park. She caught a turtle. It was terrifying.
 Se tries her luck in the creek behind the house. The fish are microscopic, so again, no fish.
For the warm weather, Melissa busted out the pool for the girls. Great Grandma Connie skyped with them as they swam (the camera and computer had this exact view).