Monday, July 26, 2010

No nudity...just giggles.

For some reason Emily loves peeping on folks while they're in the shower. If she hears the shower turn on she goes running to see what's going on. I was finally able to capture her in action the other day. Enjoy!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Relaxing Summertime activites....

Not too much happening at the the Adams household - we're eating our weight in watermelon, hanging outside in the evenings when it's cooler, and just pretty much taking it easy. Here's a few pictures of what we've been up to lately...
Bubbles: fun to blow, fun to catch

Seriously, we've been eating A LOT of watermelon...
Swimming and watermelon = good times.

More watermelon...
"See my watermelon hand?"

Emily goes Hollywood

Hanging with her friend, Madison. Madison is 5, Emily is 1, the angle of this picture makes Emily look like "mega-baby". I love how Madison goes right into pose mode when the camera comes out :)
Side note: Emily usually wears clothes, but we just got out of the pool. Yes, we realize this look is quite "red". :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Emily loves the cat.... the feeling is NOT mutual.

So now that Emily is mobile and getting increasingly faster she is better able to catch, or attempt to catch, our cat Maggie. Emily LOVES Maggie. She smiles when Maggie comes into a room, she likes to watch Maggie, and she especially likes to touch Maggie. The only problem with this is that Maggie doesn't find Emily as equally amusing and definitely doesn't want to be grabbed. Maggie comes out a lot after Emily goes to bed, but during the daytime Emily and Maggie sometimes play a game of cat and mouse, with Maggie ironically being the mouse. Emily's become wise to some of Maggie's hiding spots... You can often find Maggie hiding under the bed, which means you can often find Emily in this position:
Just looking under the bed watching the kitty.

Eric installed a cat door for the stairwell which allows Maggie easy access between the upstairs and downstairs... Now you can also find Emily in this position:
Here kitty kitty...

I think the poor kitty's got her work cut out for her...

Happy (belated) 4th of July!

The Adams' didn't do too much for the 4th, but we did meet up with some friends at their campsite for dinner. Here's some pictures from the holiday:They had a tube that they pulled behind their boat, which I discovered is fun for tubing but even better as an instant babysitter

Emily met and played with a new friend (see, instant babysitter doing a great job!)

Emily decided sitting on the ground was for suckers and that she was going to take a comfy seat

There was a big bounce house there for the kiddos. Emily seemed intrigued so we put her inside, but once inside she didn't want to jump and spent the time looking as us through the mesh walls with this look.... I take this look to mean "PLEASE get me outta here PLEASE!"
Even though it's late, the Adams Family wishes you a Happy 4th of July, ya'll!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Emily busting a move - hey oh, I'm on vacation yo!
So the Adams' recently went on a mini-vacation to the beach. We opted to visit the Atlantic Ocean to avoid the oil spill in the gulf. Plus, it was closer and Miss E tends to get bored on long trips. We were only there for a couple of days, but Emily got to experience the sand and ocean for the first time.
Here she is checking out the sandShe went into the ocean and liked the water, but understandably wasn't a huge fan of the saltwater in her eyes, so we mainly just waded in about waist deep.

She liked the sand ok, enjoyed going into the ocean, but her favorite beach activity.... was chasing the birds on the beach!! Here she is terrorizing the poor little guys... Still chasing...
Emily did have a hard time sleeping while we were away. I don't think she liked the portable crib, therefore she didn't sleep very well. She woke up one morning at 5am and refused to go back to sleep, so we begrudgingly decided to head to the beach to watch the sunrise. It ended up being really nice, and the beach was pretty much deserted so it turned out to be a nice morning.

Emily walking along the beach in the early morning. (still in her pj's & cheerios in hand of course)

What's a girl to do when she gets tired of walking? Hitch a ride on Dad of course! :)

Looking a little rough, but hey it was 6 o'clock in the morning
On our way home, we stopped by Fort Valley to visit Grandpa and stopped by Lane's for yummy peach ice cream. Seriously folks, it is hands down the best ice cream out there. It is de-li-cious!

Hopefully, this sums up the sentiments of the whole vacation...