Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emily sends a Birthday Wish!

Happy Birthday Aunt Vivi! Hope you have a great day. Eat some cake and celebrate!
Love, Eric, Melissa & Emily

Splish Splash!

Emily got a little baby-sized pool over the weekend. So we filled it up, got her all suited up in a swimsuit and let her have at it. Turns out, she absolutely LOVES it! She especially liked to splash around, but didn't like the water to splash on her face. Here's video we took of her enjoying her little pool.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A few nights ago we had mashed potatoes for dinner. Emily now feeds herself each meal, so of course things can get a little messy. The mess is usually limited to her face, shirt, hands and the floor, but on this night she must have decided that mashed potatoes felt pretty darn good on her head. She would pick up some mashed potatoes, eat some, rub her hands on her head then eat some more potatoes.... This was the result of her shenanigans...
Wild potato hair!

I don't think she minded being a potato head at all... In fact, I think she rather liked it.

Then she went straight from dinner to the bath and we got this shot with crazy potato/bath hair. Cuteness!

On a side note, I discovered how to do a cool trick in Photoshop. I'm sure it's pretty basic to anyone that knows anything about Photoshop/computers but I was pretty impressed with myself. Check out the above bath photo after I've applied my new trick: Voila! I thought it was pretty neat.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Busy Weekend

So the Adams family was pretty busy this past weekend. Grandpa and Dianne came up for a visit to install access to the attic.
Here Emily visits with Grandpa and Dianne

They boys get down to business. Grandpa looks ready to work!

The hole in the ceiling is complete, here's Grandpa in the attic. As you can see, Grandpa likes to rock-out while he works. Rock on Grandpa!

Yay, attic ladder installation successful!

Then on Sunday it was Mother's Day. Yay, finally I day where I can sleep late, rest and relax, and not have to do any work... Ha, yeah right dream on - I didn't really get to do any of those things, but it was nice because Emily and Eric gave me this awesome Edible Arrangement. Flowers are nice, but flowers you can eat are even better!

Emily testing the gift to make sure it was up to par. Yep, I think she approves.

Emily also painted this cute frame for me for Mother's Day at her sitter's.
I also got a couple of cards - THANKS Aunt Vivi and Grandma Connie!! You guys are too sweet.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. We can now store all of our junk in the attic and clear out the downstairs, and I have the sweetest little girl to wish me a Happy's Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New trick!

Yesterday Emily stood by herself for the first time. Well we stood her up, but she continued to stand and didn't take an immediate face-plant as soon as we let go. She stood for about 1-2 minutes before gravity got the best of her and she took a seat. Here's the "photographic evidence".
It was almost impossible to get a picture without her hand in her mouth.... maybe the hand helps with concentration...

Concentrate... concentrate

Wanting to make a move but just not quite sure how to go about it...

What happens when she decides she's done enough standing... then she proceeds to try to eat the grass/dirt. But that's something we'll work on another day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Showing Dad her walking skills....

Emily doesn't yet walk by herself, but she does love to walk along furniture and hold our hands and lead us around. She's just not quite brave enough to let go and do it on her own.
We went outside to play a couple of days ago and she wanted to lead us all around the yard.
Emily showing Dad how to walk....

Dad gets easily distracted, gotta make sure he's paying attention...