Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Go Braves!

The day after Great Grandma arrived, we went to the Braves game. Before however, Gr-Gma helped Sarah practice her walking skills. 

At the game, we had pretty decent seats; most importantly, we were completely in the shade. It was HOT.

Here you can see our seats. Like I said, SHADE!

Sarah chills out with the misting fan.

Emily had a great time, constantly eating peanuts and cracker jack (hey, that could be a song or something)

Eric and Emily relaxin'.

Grandma recovering from the game entrance. The exit was much more easy courtesy of a wheelchair and golf cart ride to the car.
Emily really had a good time.

The ushers (as all the staff at the game) were really nice. They took pictures for us, gave Emily a paper flower, and in general were tremendously friendly. Kudos to the Braves!