Monday, June 28, 2010

Beach trip preview...

The Adams' just returned from a mini-vacation to the beach. Here's a quick video of Emily walking on the sand and into the water. More pictures and updates to follow soon.

Peach Festival!

A week ago the Adams' loaded up and went to Macon/Ft. Valley for the Peach Festival. On Friday night we stopped in Macon to visit with Grandma, Grandpa and Dianne.

Two pretty in pink ladies...

The next morning (very very early) we headed to Ft. Valley for Eric to run his first 5K.
Go #217 go!!!

And they're off! Eric's in the mix there somewhere.

Here comes Eric nearing the finish line.

Crossing the finish line. Final time 25:12. Yay, congrats!

After the run, we went downtown to watch the "parade". I use the term parade loosely, as it mainly consisted of some Shriners, beauty queens, firetrucks and peaches.

Next up: Lunch. We ate at Yoder's Deitsch Haus - doesn't everyone look so happy to be there? It was really really hot outside.

Yoder's also had Martha the Goat. Just for the record, Emily is not a fan of goat kisses.

And what Peach festival would be complete without sampling the "World's Largest Peach Cobbler?"
We look happier than we actually were, the "cobbler" was not so good....

Adams jam session
It was a super busy day, but we had a great time. We all survived the lack of sleep, oppressive heat, and soupy cobbler. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Emily, Happy Birthday to You!

So the Adams' celebrated our little lady turning the big 1 this past weekend. Can't believe it's been one whole year already!
There was a birthday party shindig - we grilled burgers and hot dogs with all the fixins' (that's right, I said fixins', we're from the South, it's allowed here) :) After eating our main meal, we moved on to the most important part of lunch - CAKE! Here's Emily's ladybug cake. Notice her cute little individual cake - so cute!

Cake time!

She's going for it! No hesitation - no embarrassment, she's digging right in. I guess she figures it is her cake, after all, she can eat it however she pleases.... Lookin' good Em.

After cake, it was time to open gifts.

She knows what to do...

She got a tricycle, so she had to wear her bad a** jacket while riding it, right?
She's hard core!
The Adams family after the long day.... tired and sweaty.

We had fun, Emily had fun, we all ate cake - good times! Happy Birthday Emily!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Times and the Big O-N-E Bday!

Whew, the Adams' are a little behind on posting updates because we've had a lot of excitement going on the past week! First, Gr-Grandma came into town on Saturday all the way from MN! Emily has enjoyed visiting and having fun with Grandma for the last week.
Here's GMA and Emily doing what they do... Playtime!

Next on the agenda was a birthday party for our friend Liam. Happy Birthday Liam!

Emily, the birthday boy and Lily. (Emily may need a little work on her ladylike skills of how to sit in a dress)

Grandpa and Dianne also came to town for a visit - and visit we did. We went to lunch and spent (most) of the day together "visiting". Eric borrowed Grandpa's video camera and interviewed (no-so) willing participants. Here's Grandma during her segment of the filming/harassing :)

Grandpa and Emily in full visit mode

Then, a few days later, Emily celebrated her 1st birthday!! She celebrated the day by reading her birthday cards...

opening one gift (the rest of the gifts were saved her big birthday shindig)...

Gr-Grandma made a Emily a birthday cake. She's never had cake before but somehow she already knows that she wants it.... She's ready to pounce....

She dove right in without any hesitation...

and ate as much cake as she could as fast as she possibly could. This is the cake after Emily's attack - seriously, she ate this all by herself. Impressive cake eating skills for a first-timer, eh?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chariot Ride

So yes, the Adams' do own their very on chariot - the only one in the neighborhood to our knowledge. I'm sure all the neighbors are worried about "keeping up with the Adams'" and are currently looking to purchase a chariot of their very own soon. Actually, the neighborhood kids have wanted to ride on it and we've been known to give out chariot rides to some of the kiddos. (although, once I got stuck pulling around a "kid" that weighs a good 30 lbs more than me, but we won't dwell on that...)
Emily recently got the chance to try out the chariot (first of many rides I'm sure). Here's little Emily on her inaugural ride.
And no chariot ride would be complete without your own toga and coro╩╣na, right?