Monday, October 17, 2011

Related? Yep, I think so...

I was searching through some older pictures of Emily and stumbled across one that reminds me of the other little person in our house...
Here's Emily at 3 months...

Here's Sarah at 3 months

I've been thinking that the girls look pretty different from each other, but think they look strikingly similar in these pictures taken at the same age... or maybe it's just that they both have the same "startled" look in these photos.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

At Long Last, An Update

It has been a while since we updated the blog, so a lot has happened. Grandma Connie came to visit in September, we went to the Madison Co. Fair (quite the event- it may rival the MN State Fair), and we attended the Oconee Co. Fall festival.

Here below, Grandma and Sarah meet for the first time.Here is Sarah, rather happy and content in her changing station. Not a bit of guilt for making us change hundreds of her diapers.
During Gradma's visit, we came to Peach Co. and of course went to Lane's for some Peach Ice Cream. Here, Grandma enjoys her ice cream outside.

Later everyone relaxed in the rocking chairs. Even Emily, if not a bit restless.

Now for the series of head photos in the cutout. Emily first.

Then Sarah.

Finally, Grandma.

While visiting Ft. Valley, we all took a stroll around Dad's property. Emily rode conventionally in the wagon. Sarah, not so much. We tied the carseat carrier to the wagon with rope. Safety first at Dale's.

Back at our house, Grandma and Emily read a book. Emily usually doesn't wear shirts 50 sizes too large. For whatever reason, she thought Eric's shirt was just right for the occassion.

On the deck, four generations gather for the picture.

Sarah in her new dress from Grandma. She sure seems to like it.

We went to the Madison Co. Fair at the beginning of October. Whilst Eric plays a gambling game betting on rats to run into holes on a wheel of fortune (no - really, it is a betting game there), Emily fishes for a prize. I think the game is rigged - in the favor of the player.

Emily sits atop a John Deere. I would not trust her driving for a multitude of reasons, least of all her age and size.

On October 15th, we attended the Oconee Co. Fall Festival. Emily was most eager to ride the ponies. She drew the pony Coco, and rode in a circle... SLOWLY.

Oh that Coco. She moves like the wind. And in such an upredictable route. No wait. It was in a circle...and SLOWLY..but Emily loved it.

Sarah here demonstrates the classic baby "I see a ghost" look.

Emily and Sarah enjoy their floor gym. Emily shows Sarah the ropes. She has played here before.