Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photo update...

Ok, so we've been pretty lazy about updating the blog, so I wanted to give a quick photo recap of what we've been up to lately.

We tried to take a photo for a Christmas card.... this was the best of the disastrous lot.
We saw a 4-D movie.... Emily was definitely not into that extra 4th dimension
We visited a Gingerbread house
(S. was asleep during photos, but she was on the trip with us)
Christmas came, we opened presents
We also go to Skype with some pretty cool folks to open gifts, but unfortunately we didn't think to take any pictures of that
Mom got footed monkey pajamas!
We wore matching outfits
We went to a karaoke New Year's Eve party. Rock on!
E LOVES karaoke and did not relinquish the mic
E asked Dad to fix her hair.... here's what she got, which she loved btw
We welcomed a new year
We tried food (sweet potatoes) for the first time
Cheesing for the camera
S is enamored with E and is doing her best to learn to crawl to her. E is watching cartoons, oblivious to her stalker
Weekend morning snuggles in Mom and Dad's bed
Got a new cap
Went for a wagon ride and drew with chalk on the road
Trying out the swing for the first time.