Monday, June 27, 2011

The Adams' belong in a zoo.....

The Adams' had free tickets to Zoo Atlanta, so this past weekend we loaded up the kiddo for a day at the zoo. Here's big E and little E upon our arrival at the zoo. I told Emily to give a "thumbs up" for the picture, but she did this hybrid gang sign/peace sign instead. She's either "keepin' it real" or is all about world peace. It's hard to tell from this picture, but she did give a thumbs upChecking out the giraffes
The gorillas were fun because they were right in front of where we were standing and there were a couple of baby gorillas that Emily enjoyed.

More watching of the baby gorillasEric trying to convince Emily to pet a sheep in the petting zoo. The highlight of the trip for the littlest Adams was the train ride - for some reason this kiddo loves trains. To quote Emily, "all aboard"!!

After the train ride Emily make a break for the train engine and wanted to take take over the conductor duties.... We got to see our fill of elephants, lions, zebras, bears, reptiles and various other animals. Emily got face-to-face with a Komodo Dragon (not her favorite moment of the day). All-in-all, it was a good trip, especially for the price!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Emily's Birthday and Father's Day

It has been a very busy first two weeks in June. This is the hole in the wall created for the sliding doors. Dale and Diane came up on the 11th to help with the door, although Emily looks ready to pitch in as well.Aforementioned hole from the exterior.
Here now Dale and Eric begin to move the sliding doors into place. Again Emily looks most eager to help.

Later that week, before Emily's party, a wind storm brought down a tree branch which hit the deck on the way down.

At Emily's party on Saturday, the 18th, bubbles were all the craze. Here Emily and her friend Liam use their bubble machines on the front porch.
Emily sits in front of her birthday cake. It was delicious (Thanks Publix). Note the installed patio doors behind Emily. (Thanks Dale)
Tis no baby, tis a cake eating machine.

After cake, Emily moves on to presents. The vacuum was the big hit of the evening. Emily can't get enough of that domestic labor.
Emily moves on to Grandma Connie's gift. So excited!
Emily tries out the keyboard from grandpa Dale. It make lots of noise. Thanks Dale, from Eric and Melissa (insert sarcasm here).
Emily sports her new mower and shopping cart. I sensed a child labor theme to the gifts (note I did not imply disapproval - just acknowledgement).

Father's Day we stop for a photo after a near disaster lunch (a long and winding tale). Happy father's day!
Emily and grandpa Dale relax after a big lunch on Father's Day (it is not one of Dale's guns - only the spray nozzle from the hose - no guns for Emily until her THIRD birthday)

Melissa set up this pool in the driveway, rendering Emily incorrigible every time she comes outside (in her insistence to get in).
Eric poses with his Father's Day gift. A tool set. I see Emily is not the only one who receives all labor related gifts.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday Time!

Emily started her bday wanting to watch some cartoons (pronounced by her "tartoons"). As you can see, she becomes entranced. Note her special chair, just for cartoon watching.At her daycare, Emily enjoyed cupcakes with all of her friends. The party was replete with balloons and later music and dancing.

At home, Emily discovers her gift from mom and dad: a table/patio grill with lots of play items. She is quite excited.
After dinner, we went for ice cream at Dairy Queen. In this relentless heat, Emily needs to eat much faster as ice cream doesn't last long.

Emily is still perfecting her ice cream eating technique.

More play on the patio grill.

Finally, we open the gifts from Aunt Vivi and Uncle Dick. Thanks Aunt Vivi and Uncle Dick!!!

Opening gifts is the best!!!!

The most intriguing gift was SOCKS. The whole time, Emily was determined to put on socks. Matching colors be darned.

So exciting!!! Thanks everyone for a great birthday!