Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Adams' have a night on the town...

So the Adams had a big night out this weekend; we stayed out until 9:30pm! Seriously, this was a late night for us. We started our night with dinner at the Ferguson's home for a charity dinner event, and then went to the "after party" dessert reception at the Botanical Gardens. Here's some pics from our fun evening.

Having appetizers before dinner.

Dessert reception.

The reception had a salsa band, which Emily thoroughly enjoyed. Here Emily takes Dad for spin on the dance floor...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Minnesota or Georgia?

Ok, so here's a guessing game.... where are we in these pictures - Minnesota or Georgia? It's crazy that there could even be a comparison!
That's right, one of these is from MN and one is from GA, only a few weeks apart...
Again, one from GA and one from MN...
I think these GA folks have gotten our fill of snow this year!

Christmas Recap

Ok, so I do realize that it's February and we're just now doing the Christmas recap, we're a little late to say the least.... What we lack in promptness, we'll try to make up for in pictures :)

To start our Christmas adventures, we hopped a plane... (Emily took advantage of Grandpa's window seat)

and headed to the land of ice and snow

to visit with Gr-Grandma!

By surprise we also got to visit with these folks as well! Uncle Dick and Aunt Vivi surprised everyone by making the trip from VA. It was great having everyone together.
Here's a random assortment of our time in MN:
Family snowman
Then Eric built his own snowman...
and did this to it! Poor snowman's head got launched...
Quality time with Uncle Dick

and tickle time with Gr-Grandma :)
Then of course, with Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents around, Emily received a mountain of presents.