Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trying a video

Ok, so here's our first attempt at trying out some new technology.  Well, new for us anyway.  If it works, we may be able to post little videos regularly.  Hopefully, all the videos won't just be the ABC song.... but can't make any promises   :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Picture Update!

We have been on a hiatus from updates for way way way too long. Here's a quick picture update of what we have been up to recently. I hope to have some more pictures up soon, but here's a few for right now.
We became friends with a large large-mouth bass...
We've had close encounters with sharks!
Fake family fishing trips....

 Enjoyed nice weather at an Easter shin-dig....
Gathered eggs....  This picture doesn't show it, but the participants were indeed happy about the egg hunt.
Got dressed up and ready for Easter...
More egg hunting!
Ended the Easter festivities at home with two cute bunnies! 
As you can see, the kiddos have grown since the last update.  More pictures soon....
Take care!