Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So the lady that watches Emily is pretty crafty, and along with designing hair bows, she has started making other girly-related items such as tutus and fairy wands, etc. Emily got to be the model for her products to advertise her wares. Below are a few pictures from the "photo shoot".

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trip to Grandma's House Cont....

Here's more photos from our trip to the great white north.
Emily at Grandma's

Grandma made her special award-winning pie while we were there. Seriously, it's award-winning, this pie won the Florida Orange dessert contest in the 60's. Let me just tell ya, it was good then and it's good now. Just ask Emily if you don't believe me - she was a big fan of the pie. Here she is finishing off her piece.

Since we were in the "Land O' Lakes", no visit would be complete without visiting an actual lake, right? We got the spend the day at a cousin's cabin for some good food, fun and a birthday celebration.
Grandma and Emily. One is cooperating to have her picture taken, one is not - I'll let you figure our which is which....

We celebrated birthdays - Happy Birthday Grandma and Lynn!

Here's Emily on her makeshift booster seat. I think she rather enjoyed sitting on the pillows.

On the way to the airport we stopped in to have lunch at "The Nook". I had seen it on "Diner's, Drive-Ins and Dives" and wanted to experience the "Juicy Lucy" for myself. (Side note: could Emily look any more excited in this picture?" :)

Grandma and Vivi.
Vivi and I had the "Juicy Lucy" while Grandma and Emily went for more regular fare. I can't speak for Vivi (I think she would agree), but I certainly do not regret my decision to order the super-yummy, cheese-filled, delicious burger.
Check out that molten volcano of cheese.... Mmmm cheese....
We had lots of good times on the trip and finished it off with what may be the cheesiest cheeseburger I've ever had..... so I would say overall, it was a pretty darn good trip. :)